Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I join?
Click here to find out how!

How do I change my address or add an e-mail address?
Click here to find out how!

I am a new member and didn’t get my Enographic, what can I do?
Be patient. It can take a month or more to get your name active on the mailing list after you join. After that contact Dave Elliott to verify your membership status.

My membership has expired, how can I renew it?
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How can I get a wine event on the Pacific Northwest Calendar or a link to my business posted on your site’s Other Chapters and Links section?
Contact the Web site content manager Karen Tripson to suggest your event or site.

How can I ask other questions or suggest changes to the organization? Send your message to general information.

How can my winery be the focus of one of your programs?
Contact the for more information.

How can my winery enter the Northwest Wine Festival judging?
Contact Cheri Rydbeck for more information.

How do I get to St. Demetrios?
2100 Boyer Ave. East, Seattle

How do I get tickets for the Seattle monthly program?
Tickets are sold at the door beginning 30 minutes before an event starts. Or you may purchase an advance reservation with PayPal on the event details page.

How much does a ticket cost?
Prices are posted at the current listing on the web site for each event and in the Enographic wine letter. Typical programs are $15- $25 for members and $20 – 30 for guests. Special programs may be a few dollars more.

How can I get involved as a volunteer?

Learn all about the fun of working with us and making us work smoothly.

Officers and Board of Directors

New directors are elected every year in March to serve for a term of two years. Serving is a great way to have make a difference in the organization. Please contact Stephanie Ninaud if you are interested in serving on the board of directors.