Please let us know about any questions — or suggestions — you might have. Contact the Seattle Chapter at our main number (425) 603-9558 or contact the officers directly by e-mail.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the Society, our activites and how we can provide better service to our members, the public and the wine community. Read our Bylaws.

Report on Board Members and New Candidates
In accordance with the Seattle Chapter’s bylaws, the Annual Meeting is held each March as part of the regularly scheduled program meeting. A voice vote of the membership is taken during the meeting to accept the names recommended as new board members.

The Nominating Committee has worked hard to keep the Board of Directors strong and vital, and the new candidates bring plenty of talent and energy to this body. The committee looked for candidates with good skills in leadership, planning, financial matters, and willingness to participate by attending our events and volunteering. Our list of new candidates included the following Seattle Chapter members: Kelly Carew, Paul Schumacher, Manny Gomes, Debbie Love, Francia Johnson, Jan Martindale and Ed Hoskins.

Returning Board members are John Imre, Karla Kothenbuetel, Joanne Thorssell, Gerry Warren, Gail Meldrum and Stephanie Ninaud. The two-year Board terms expire on a staggered basis. There are currently eight members whose terms run through 2005. The officers are elected annually by the new Board of Directors.