Our Mission Statement:

The Enological Society is a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to the enjoyment of responsible wine and food experiences through events, judging and education for the people of the Puget Sound region.

The Quick History of Washington’s

Wine Industry

Industry News

The Washington Wine Industry Foundation risk management seminar titled “Lending: Picking a Banker

and Presenting Your Case” on June 10

We Have a New Trade Name: Seattle Wine Society

It’s easier to say, easier to understand and easier to find our events with these new key words: Seattle Wine Society. 6/03/04

WA Wines Festival Raises $300,000 on Feb. 28 at Seattle’s Columbia Tower Club to benefit Yakima Valley Farm Workers and the Washington Wine Education Consortium.

Amid painful transition, Wine Brats regroups, looks to future. 3/11/04 SF Chronicle

Culinary training in the Northwest

Society of Wine Educators Honors Gerry Warren Read the press release.

History of Washington wine industry finds a new home in Tacoma

Gerry Warren, past President and long time volunteer helps preserve history.

Despite the slow spread of grapes and settlers across the state in the early 1800s, a big wine event didn’t take place until 1910 — the first annual Columbia Valley Grape Carnival — in Kennewick, WA. But the transition from church wine to today’s fine table wine and over 170 wineries really began with commercial plantings in the 1960s. A diverse group of Seattle enthusiasts started meeting in the 1970s to learn more about wine and promote its enjoyment with food. By 1975 the Enological Society of the Pacific Northwest was created as a non-profit organization run entirely by member/volunteers who are devoted to spreading knowledge of wine and food and drinking responsibly.

Credibility for NW Wines

Our founding members created a prestigious wine competition to promote the credibility and visibility of the regional wine industry. Ask any of the now famous Washington wineries how they got on the map and we will be part of the success story. After 28 years, our NW Wine and Food Festival still delivers the most sought after awards.

International Knowledge

We’re interested in wine made around the world too. The Enological Society once hosted an annual International Wine Fair to keep members and the public aware of new, unusual or hard to find wines from abroad. The current trend is toward small international events that focus on one country to highlight more wines and winemaking styles.

Active in the Community

The Enological Society continues its mission to educate about wine and the ancient relationship between wine and food. We gather monthly to taste a special selection of wine that is accompanied by specially prepared food from local chefs. The atmosphere is friendly and informal. We think we offer the best tastings around for the most reasonable price. Of all the leisure activities you pursue, the Enological Society may become your most enjoyable. Join Us!

Thoughts on Being a Member

“We’ve certainly educated a lot of people, but for my money, what we’ve done more than anything is give the members some good times with our various events and camaraderie with one another as well.” Red Meyer, member since 1981.

“We’ve provided an outlet for consumers to taste wines most people would not have had an opportunity to try on their own — or might not be willing to try without someone’s blessing”. George Seltzer, member since 1985, past President and Director.

“I love sharing time with people of similar interests that I might not meet any other way.” Cheri Rydbeck, member since 1994.

““I love to see the new young members every year eager to get smart on enjoying food and wine.” Betty Eberharter, member since 1975.